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SOLD 24/PC - 30/CS
Files Measure 5.5 Inches.

These elegant little files leave nails ultra SMOOTH!

Color Crystal Nail Files are Supplied in PVC Sleeves!

ABOUT CRSTAL NAIL FILES: Ordinary nail files create tiny
fractures in your nail which can weaken the nail and cause the
nail to split and become brittle. Because the glass file is so hard
and the filing surface so extremely fine, you can file in any
direction without damaging the nail. It will leave your nails
incredibly smooth! Amazingly the glass file works very well on
extremely hard nails as well as very soft nails. Since the surface
of the glass nail file is so fine and uniform, regular use will
actually help grow more beautiful nails, they will be healthier
and smoother.

PROFESSIONAL USE: Glass nail files are great for professional use
in salons. The excellent performance they give, and the ability
to sterilize between customers is a great benefit. They are excellent
on artificial nails. Because the glass surface is so efficient at
filing it does the job quicker. When using on artificial nails keep
dipping the file in water to clean off build up of filings!